I was born and raised here, in Nevada County, and have felt so much love and encouragement through the support in our community over the years. Real Estate called my name as my way to give back and support this sweet, small town.

If you already know me, you know that I’m a competitive problem solver. If you don’t know me yet, I look forward to meeting you and showing you what I have to offer. I source local vendors, who, like I believe that it’s important to work with people you trust. My mom has been a local business owner for 10+ years. You can often find me at her restaurant in Nevada City, Bistro 221, where I spend most of my Friday’s serving our community through food, drink, and exceptional hospitality. The rest of my time, however, is dedicated to serving our community in a wide variety of ways while practicing local real estate.

After growing up in Nevada County, moving across the country for a few years, and returning, I can accurately say that Nevada County is a great place for family, dream chasing, and opportunity. As I continue to chase my dreams, I look forward to providing others with my services so that they can chase theirs.